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SuperFine Hackle

SuperFine Hackle

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This hackle has the same tines and setting as the SuperFine combs. Great for superfine, silky and/or very short superfine fibers. If you comb a lot of kid mohair, royal alpaca, angora bunny or similar, or superfine finewools, then this hackle is a great accompaniment for your SuperFine combs. Wonderful for blending those super fine fibers!

The tines are set in Delrin, a highly durable resin, which is bolted to the hard maple base. This is done because the holes drilled for the tines are so close together that there wouldn't be the strength if they were set in just the wood. The Delrin is stiff and stable and will securely hold the tines in place.

The polished, hardened steel tines have a long taper to a sharp point and should never need straightening with normal use. They are flexible enough to take abuse, and still bounce back to their intended alignment. 


Number of rows/pitch: 3
Tines per row: 76 in the front and the back row, 75 in the middle row, 227 in total
Tine diameter: 1/16"
Tine length: Approx. 3"
Tine setting/spacing: 1/8" on center
Working width: 9"
Hackle base width: 16"

Kimberly's note: I have had my SF hackle since June of 2014 and have used it extensively. I love, love, love it!  I can blend silky fibers (think kid mohair and silk) and also get large nests to spin from by loading several comb loads on the hackle before dizzing. For lace singles, that will keep me spinning for days!

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